New Service of large format embroideries.

Fireworks for this 2019 beginning with new embroidery machine frame suitable for large format embroidery productions. Customers can order bespoke large embroideries on wide range of materials starting from 1 pcs as usual. Custom service for automotive, furnishing companies, heraldry, gonfalons and home textile. Customizations with large size embroidery do not have a price list. Send an inquiry from the contact area. The cost depends by the complexity of the logo, the size, and from the number of colors (maximum 18). The maximum embroidered logo size is approximately Mt 1.00 x Mt 2.80  and sometime more (depending form the logo). The embroidery can also have a different thickness thanks to a special rubber padding. The logo file can be supplied in a vectorial PDF or at least in JPG of reasonable resolution, otherwise the graphic staff will convert it into a quality file ready for the embroidered machines.