Embroideries on backpacks and bags

Ricamificio per borse

If you want best embroidery on backpacks, bags, trolleys and textile accessories, read this guide with some useful tips for customizing these items. One of the most complex personalizations in the world of textiles and accessories is embroidery on bags. This brief guide will give you useful tips on how to best achieve them. The embroidery service on bags is feasible on a finished product, when the bag is already packed. Embroidery is done with automatic embroidering machines which a special frame on which the bag is locked. Now it carry out the embroidering. The positions are not all achievable, but if you are satisfied with a size that is not too big, the embroidery can be positioned a little bit everywhere. Mostly, they are large letters that are requested, and the number of colors does not affect the price. Usually we recommend making them on the long part of the bag, with 20/25 cm long embroidery, or for backpacks in smaller area with smaller dimensions on 10-13 cm because there is less space of course. There are no minimum quantities and the embroidery is guarantee. At this LINK you can also choose bags and order with or without embroidery.