Digital printing on clothing: when is it convenient?

Servizio stampa digitale

Digital printing on clothing makes it possible to achieve extraordinary effects. In this Guide we list some small tricks to make it perfect and when it is convenient. To start, the garments can have a maximum of 15-20% of polyester and should have a high cotton composition. Perfect digital printing comes when garments with 100% cotton. The logo can be printed on t-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts in any size, even large type A3 format and we can also reproduce shadows, shades and photos without color limits. It is important that you provide us with a ready vectorial PDF file, because what you exactly provide us… is going to be printed. Anyway we can also provide you with the vectorized file to make it perfect. “Why” and “when” to choose Digital printing on clothing? Digital printing on textiles is worthwhile when you have a logo with many colors or shades and you have to make a few pieces, in medium /large format. In this way you save the installation costs, the print yield is very beautiful, and you can order small quantities ‘. When is digital printing on clothing not suitable? when you have many pieces and the 1-color logo with medium-large size (in this case screen printing is more convenient). We have 40 year experience…and we can help you to do the best. Look at our t-shirts with print included and order! or send us an inquiry.