Embroidery on work pants: recommended positions

Do you have to embroider work pants with a logo but can’t find a suitable position or can’t you embroider them anywhere? Arem is the embroidery company specialized on it. Follow these easy guide & instructions, you can customize any type of professional work pants with embroidery without any problems. The embroidery digitizing does not need any special care. At the beginning we have a question : where do I make embroidery ? If there is a side flap at knee level, that is the best place to embroider it. Always consider : no small writings and take away too small details! Start the embroidery on the machine using a special frame that must block the flap very well, and the embroidery is done! Alternatively, it is possible to personalize them in front at the top on the thigh, back on the pockets (but closing it) or at the bottom with writing / logo all along the leg-calf. The letters is of great effect and for those who have the logo focused on a writing, it is the right personalization and position. Makes the work trousers very professional and the logo / writing highly visible with guaranteed colours. Request an offer from the contact area with assistance, or see the work pants on the online shop HERE and buy them embroidery included !