Guaranteed embroideries on workwear & safetywear

Ricami a Bologna per divise lavoro

Here is a brief guide with instructions for embroidery on work uniforms to be perfect. Embroidery is the most resistant customization thanks to the polyester yarns that support all washes, it is ideal for personalizing work uniforms, clothing for business, workshops and deteriorating environments. First choose a logo with a few writings, or without small texts otherwise they would not be clearly legible. The embroidery should be made with 100% polyester threads, the most resistant. Take advantage of the colors, because the embroidery has an equal cost that is 1 or 9 colors, so if your logo allows it use more colors. The embroidered customization on professional work uniforms can be either small for the heart side, sleeve, back on the collar, or other positions on request almost anywhere. You can do also ask for big logo/writing on the back, visible to everyone and useful for companies that need workwear for external technicians that must be recognized in workplaces at external sites or outdoors. This is required on several jobs. You don’t have to order relevant quantities, you can order few pieces. Finally, remember that customization with embroidery is versatile and ideal for various types of fabric and can therefore be made on different garments. Unlike printing which is feasible only on certain fabrics and not on others, with embroidery you can customize together and without problems: t-shirts, polo shirts, work overalls, padded and light vests, jackets, pants, winter caps, summer hats, shirts, sweatshirts ……. and everything that is textile! Take a look HERE on the e-commerce our workwear, embroidery included !