Buy a sacred gonfalon: the important details

Stendardo liturgico

There are products that are ordered once every 30 years and even beyond. The religious/sacred banners are one of those, a special product that is not easy to find, that lasts many years if kept well. Here is a brief guide for those who have to buy a sacred religious banner. First of all, make sure that the company is competent in the matter, that it has a history, a well-equipped website with images of many liturgical banners made, but also with a vast assortment of supporting accessories. Therefore, look for a direct producer who will give you assistance and the right answers to every need. The offer must be clear where the budgeted fabric, the size, and the details (which are well defined) stand out. Make sure you can choose from various colors of fabrics, prints and embroideries to have a sacred banner personalized in every part. A big difference is made by 2 factors: the type of fabric, which must be of a quality that lasts over time, and the type of printing or embroidery, which can respect the colors ordered. The price is mainly determined by the size, the graphic file provided, and the fabric chosen. In short, if you choose a sacred banner that is not too big, on satin, with supplied PDF vector file you will have a low price.While if you request a large sacred banner, on silk bemberg and you do not have the file in vector PDF the cost increase. Look at examples of banners at this LINK of our shop, and see HERE all the accessories ready in stock, and send us a request for quote for your banner to the contact area.