Your embroidery and printing partner for textile

Do you want a partner company on Bologna for embroidery, prints and textile customizations? Here a brief guide explaining why we are the Embroidery and Printing Company for clothing in Europe for 40 years. Come into our company for a trip. You will find a structure that can handle any quantity, from very small orders (including samples), to orders of thousands of pieces with a large logistics and transport service. Ample space and adequate equipment, all in very fast times. At your disposal a staff of almost 30 people who can assist you with graphics, embroideries, prints, processing and estimates almost continuously, with minimum expectations. Then obviously a great technology that provides the best of embroidery and prints on clothing with embroidery machines, screen printing, digital printers, laser cutting and automatic bagging. We customize promotional clothing, professional and work clothes, sports uniforms, heraldic items such as Municipal Gonfalons, Religious banners and many other customization services, always based on textiles and accessories such as towels, bags, backpacks …. even with special frames to achieve the impossible. What others don’t do, we make it. If you are looking for the best embroidery and printing service on clothing in Europe, choose us.