European embroidery service on caps

Europena embroidery service for hats

Guide and instructions for hat embroidery service in Europe. Arem Italia is leader & qualify for embroidery on all caps typologies. An expert and technologically advanced embroidery company decorates every type of hat for the advertising and promotional sector, event agency worwear resellers and much more. The multi-head automatic embroidering machines can embroider the logo up to 9 colors, positions on the front, on both sides, and behind both on the arch and on the strap (if in fabric). There are no minimums but at least 50 embroideries on caps are recommended. If the hat is with 6 panels (so it has a central seam) there is no problem, it can be embroidered and the result is excellent. The fabric of the cap does not affect feasibility, while it is very important a well done digitizing to have a perfect success of the customization. No limit about articles caps: the embroidery service is available for promotional caps, sport caps, snapback caps, truckers caps, work caps…and more. Request information for a reserved re-seller prices. You can also buy hats including embroidery at this LINK with a wide choice of articles on our ecommerce