European screen printing service for T-shirts

Servizio stampa setigrafica magliette

The qualified screen printing service on t-shirts in Europe takes place with screen printing machine that simultaneously print several shirts for each color, with colored inks. On white t-shirts the water ink is passed as many times as the number of colors, while on dark T-shirts you need a white background that allows you to bring out the colors. The fabric of the t-shirt can be in cotton and polyester, and the printing positions can vary on the front, back, or on sleeves. Screen printing is convenient for quantities of 50/100 with one color and is convenient for quantities of 150/200 pieces upwards when is a multi-color printing, to amortize the set up costs. Washing up to 30 ° with an overturned t-shirt is recommended. Arem Italia is expert since 1979 from over 40 years. Provides advices, instructions and the ideal solutions to choose the best print to get the best results. Request a special price list with reserved prices for reseller and become our partner ! Moreover, at this LINK it is possible to buy the finished product with a t-shirt included with bespoked screen printing.