Finishing and packaging of gonfalons

Gonfalons for istitutions and religious communities

To get a perfect banner with fine finishes and packaging, we recommend that you read this brief guide with the best tips for packaging and finishing talking about of municipal and sacred banners. Some small tricks will allow you to make an impeccable package. First of all, before make finishing, check the embroidered fabric has perfect threads without imperfections. If the embroidering machine that has just made the municipal banner or the sacred banner has missed few stitches be careful ! with the hand needle all missing stitches are easily recoverable. Also check for any applied fabrics (usually for the central logo…) that have been appropriately locked
with embroidery. After these checked the gonfalon can last even tens of years. Same last also for printing, if it is fixed well, it will last for decades. In addition to recovering small post-embroidery or post-print defects,
sewing trimming applications are possible, and there is plenty to do here! In this way the municipal banner, but above all the religious banner take great value with golden trimmings of all tastes. To finish the external trimming must be made with a suitable width if possible that can “match” the fabric in front with the one behind. The fringe will go below, better long because then it can be cut according to customer’s taste. Finally, your municipal or religious gonfalon is ready. Look at some examples& prices in our webshop