Patch seam / rubber labels on down jackets & softshell

Etichette gommate in PVC da cucire su vestiti

Arem offers a service of sewing PVC rubber labels and badge on softshell jackets, down jackets, parka and a wide range of textile items. Here is a brief guide with instructions. The sewing is done with industrial sewing machines that can apply the rubberized PVC patches without problems even on sleeves and positions on request. The padding makes the job very complicated, but thanks to special frames Arem can safely lock the garment and succeed in applying the PVC rubberized label perfectly. The thread used in 99% of cases is a transparent polyester thread that leaves no trace, is not visible and does not bother internally. However, other types of colored thread can also be used on request. There are no minimum quantities for this customization service. You can supply us garments and labels and we apply them for third parties. Or you can buy the jackets at this LINK, or request an offer for PVC patches / labels at this LINK by attaching the logo.