Embroidery on winter gloves

Ricamificio per guanti invernali personalizzati

Discover the hot new for this fall winter with embroidery on winter gloves. The purchase of a new frame allows you to embroider almost all types of wool, acrylic and polyester winter gloves in the position on the back of the glove. With this news Arem Italia, the leader european embroidery company, present some instructions / guide for who wants to order embroidery on gloves: the logo must be no bigger than 4 x 7 cm, without too small writings because it would be illegible, ok for a few letters and logos defined, but always eliminating the small details (since on gloves the space is minimal). No large numbers are needed, even very small quantities can be managed with fast times. The embroidery on gloves provides a maximum of up to 9 thread colors. Request an offer from the contact area to embroider wool or acrylic winter gloves with the logo.