Patches and embroidery with thickened perimeter in relief 3D

Ricami con cucitura spessorata in rilievo "Overlock"

Every once in a while you can see embroideries (specifically patches or embroidered keyrings Remove Before Flight) that have a thickened perimeter in relief 3D. This perimeter is called American Merrow border or more simply “Overlock” because it was born in the USA in 1881 and it is a seam that is made in single pieces by special sewing machines, anytime on the perimeter of embroidery. It is a special stitch that can be performed only on certain fabrics with specific machine adjustment, using special polyester yarns and very resistant. Today it is used a lot in the East by Chinese companies that create embroidered patches or keyrings Remove Before Flight to delimit the outer edge. In Europe it is very rare to find companies except ours that make these seams, this due to the poor productivity of the product and the complexity of the processing. However the result of a seam with american merrow border (or Overlock) is excellent for quality, resistance and aesthetics. Look at some examples of key chains HERE or visit our ecommerce Alternatively, ask for an offer from the contact area.