Embroidery on microfibre sport & wellness towels

Ricami su teli microfibra

The embroidery service lends itself very well to the light, resistant and very soft microfibre fabric. Here are some guide instructions for how to embroider towels, beach towels, bench towels and gyms, and countless products in microfiber fabric. We recommend a embroidery that is not too large in size, can be made up to 9 colors and in any position of the towel. The embroidery always guarantees excellent safe on washing, even up to 90 ° if 100% polyester threads are used, even very small quantities can be customized very quickly. Eliminating too small details or writings of the logo would be illegible or poorly defined. The result is an outlined and clean embroidery that always becomes an excellent advertising vehicle for brands, companies, sports and marketing operations. Ask for a free offer from the contact area, attaching the logo! Are you looking for finished products towel + embroidery? see our ecommerce HERE.