Sublimation printing: what it is and istructions for use

Sublimation printing in sportswear.

Here is a short guide on sublimation printing. The sublimation printing combines with very light fabrics, with a percentage of polyester at least 80% (but often they are 100% polyester fabrics in which the result is perfect). It is a “green” printing technology as the polyester fabrics themselves are completely recyclable. They can be printed from small quantities up to thousands of pieces. The magic of sublimation lies in the ink’s ability to transform into gas when it is subjected to precise heat and pressure, managing to penetrate the fabric without leaving any thickness. Therefore the customization is very light, impalpable, and at the same time guaranteed for all washes. The fabric remains perfectly breathable which is why sublimation is very suitable for 100% polyester technical fabrics of sports uniforms.