Electric mobility, Arem-green 2020 project

Arem-green 2020 : go electric car

The Arem-Green 2020 project continues. Since the beginning of the year we have given the news of the installation of solar panels on all production plants to reduce energy consumption and produce clean energy. But we did not stop despite Covid-19. Since June we have a “0 emissions” electric car that we power with solar energy thanks to photovoltaics. We hope it will at least serve to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and to initiate a reduction in global pollution even if the road will be long. But you have to start, someone has to give a signal of change. Let us not forget that this electric mobility helps to significantly reduce, if not almost to zero, the costs of fuels, coupons and management of company costs of vehicles, giving us competitiveness on the market. We hope this test will be a good investment and will allow us to buy electric vans for freight transport soon. It would be a good sign for the planet ‘, for business costs and above all for our children.