Embroidery on hats: Instructions and advice

Embroidery on caps: instruction and advice

The embroidery on caps has always seemed to be a simple, cheap and easy customization. It is certainly of quality, it lasts indefinitely over time and can be made with logos up to 9 colors. Classic embroidery: classic embroidery on caps is made with automatic embroidery machines, in small, medium and large quantities without problems, and the logo as just mentioned can have up to 9 colors, at the same price. The maximum size of a classic embroidery on caps can be approximately 14 x 5 cm, but it often depends on the type of cap you want to customize. Embroideries are possible on caps in 5 positions: front, right and left side, back arch, back on the closure (if in fabric). It is advisable to eliminate scripts that are too small, they would not be read. 3D embroidery: 3D embroidery on caps is a type of embroidery with rubber inside that makes it embossed by 3/4 mm. This embroidery is required to customize snapback caps, rapper caps, truckers caps. It is advisable to eliminate small writings or details that are too detailed, they would not be good. However you can contact us and we will give you all the relevant info and the quote.