Start earning with the dropshipping service

Dropshipping for textile customizations

The dropshipping service is ideal for distributors who want to have lower costs and earn more by selling. Arem takes charge of the entire order, from processing/customizations, to logistics and transport. Why should have distributor too much warehouse, employee and transportation costs? Leaning on us, we have been guaranteeing this service to our distributors since 1979.

What services do we offer exactly? For example: if you need to customize clothing, send us the order for the customization, let us have the goods to customize, and we’ll take care of the rest. We will send you photos of the prototype, we will do the processing, finally we will ship to your final customer strictly in privacy with neutral packaging and your document. Another example for dropshipping with ecommerce: when you buy a product on our shop, with the prices reserved for you, you choose to send it directly to the end customer. Logistics and transport are free. You earn in speed of delivery, and you distributor don’t have to do anything. We take care of everything. Become our partner, sign up to the shop HERE. Or if you need the customization service on clothing contact us to get the embroidery and printing price lists.