Do you want quick quotes to customize clothing?

How to request customization quotes on garments

To request a quick quote to customize clothing with embroidery or print or other customization techniques, you can send us the request from the contact area or contact us with WhatsApp. It’s very quick and easy, just remember to specify 3 things:

1) attach your logo

2) specify the type of clothing (jackets? T-shirts? Caps? .. etc ….)

3) specify the quantity (about …).

As for the logo file don’t worry, anything is fine for the initial offer even a low resolution JPG or a photo or whatever. Then later for any order we recommend attaching the logo in good resolution as a vector PDF, Illustrator or at least a good resolution JPG. If you have problems you can create the logo online on our shop, and after 24 / 48H you can download it at a ridiculously low price. Sign up here first and then upload the logo, it’s simple, cheap and fast.