Dropshipping: instructions and guidelines

Dropshipping service by Arem Italia

What is dropshipping? Dropshipping is a sales system thanks to which the seller (you) sells a product to an end user without physically possessing it in stock and without managing much of the process. In this case the seller (you) only cares about advertising the product and selling. Without managing the warehouse, customization service, shipping and logistics. Now let’s take an example of dropshipping at Arem Italia:

The seller (you) sold custom clothing to an end user. What’s up ?

  1. The seller orders the clothing items from the importing company which has them delivered to Arem for customization.

  2. Send the order with the specifications of the customization to Arem who will carry out the processing with embroidery, printing … etc …

  3. If necessary, Arem will send sample-prototype photos to confirm that everything is correct.
  4. Arem proceeds with the processing of the entire order and will ship the order to the end user with neutral packaging (or customized with the seller’s logo).

Arem provides the vendor with other tools to encompass the service circle. Graphic service, tailoring and sewing services, management services and sending goods to end users with multiple offices and division of sizes and products on specific request.

What if the order is for an e-commerce product?

In this case the seller (you) has placed an Arem product on their site. There is the sale to an end user. What exactly happens in this case? Let’s take the case of a sale concerning custom armbands:

  1. The seller (you) send the order to Arem.
  2. Arem manufactures, customizes armbands, and ships to the end user in neutral packaging, on behalf of the seller (you).