Problems with your logo? See our graphic services.

Graphic services for your logo

With a minimum cost we create your perfect logos and you don’t think about it anymore. Our graphic services are divided into 3 sections :

  1. Graphic Service to create your file in a vector format PDF, Illustrator or others on request. With a small price your logo becomes a “real file” ready for many uses. What good can it do for you? to realize prints on clothing, prints in tipografia, prints of vetrofanie and decoration automezzi, for advertising magazines and pubblicita ‘online..and much more. If you do not have an adequate file, you are often charged for the graphic design each time, or they do not charge you but your logo may not be perfect.

  2. Graphic Service to create embroidery systems to create embroidery on your embroidery machine (video tutorial). The file can be downloaded from 20 available formats. Register on, upload your file, and after 24 / 48H download it punched, ready for use. Why waste time to create complex systems? why waste time do you have to follow the customers or the embroidery machine? we take care of the punching of the design.

  3. Graphic Service to create layouts and presentation drafts for personalized clothing, logos, personalization positions, and much more to manage the personalized order in complete safety. What is this service for? A graphic draft is needed to see exactly how your order will look with the logo placed. This service is in great demand for garments and caps, and is also very useful when you have different logos in various positions to be sure of an excellent result.