The importance of our graphic services. That’s why it’s convenient

Drafts and Graphic services

Why are graphic services important before processing an order? Graphic services such as drafts/moke ups help the client in the initial phase to understand exactly what the final product will look like at 95% (100% is given only by real sample). In all customized items, in addition to the processing sheet with all the details of the logo and the item to be customized, a graphic draft helps a lot in the internal working phases and prevents errors and oversights, which are reduced to a minimum. We offer our customers a service of professional drafts and moke ups with different solutions already in the estimate phase, which can subsequently be confirmed or modified depending on the choices. Once the draft has been confirmed by the customer, we proceed with the creation of the embroidery system (if the customization of embroidery is chosen) or of a vector file (if the customer chooses to print). See all our graphic services: Layout and drafts, Embroidery systems, file vectorization.