Arem’s guides: flock printing on clothing

Scritte floccatto per felpe

In this Arem’s Italia guide for customizations on textiles we talk about technology with heat applied, with the use in this case of the material “flocked”, a soft velvet and velvety to the touch. The customization with flock on clothing is suitable especially for sweatshirts, which are ideal with a good “written/ fabric” weight ratio. In fact on t-shirts and polo shirts the flocked decoration is not recommended because it would weigh down the garments. The number of colors recommended for the printing of flocked writings is 1, and it can be repeated (as from image of this guide) but with higher costs (double or triple passed), therefore in 90% of the cases we speak of WRITTEN FLOCKED to a color.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of thermo-applied flocked :

  • good price
  • no installation costs (you have to provide the file in PDF vector)
  • realizable written with velvety effect
  • makes the writing clean, clearly visible, embossed
  • ideal also for small quantities’
  • no size limit
  • perfect for sweatshirts

Disadvantages of thermo-applied flocked :

  • is monochrome (multicolored and’ discouraged because costs)
  • not recommended for small writing.
  • being heat applied, has a good but not unlimited duration
  • not ideal for T-shirts and polo shirts (too heavy)
  • not ideal for some types of jackets (they do not withstand thermoapplication at high temperatures)

In summary :

  • Do you have to make 20/50/100/200 custom sweatshirts with big writing in front of a color ? The thermo-applied flock is perfect, it doesn’t cost much, and from a great image !

We propose this printing technique in 2 versions :

  • customization service with third parties (you provide us with the items and we apply it). Contact us here. You will go directly to the service area if you click here.
  • thermo-applicable labels (we send you the logo to iron or heat press) see on Arem Shop.