Arem’s guides : Screen printing when it’s convenient and when it’s not

Serigrafia stampa 1 colore su magliette

This Arem’s guide presents the evolution of the market, screen printing is seen as the precursor of all customizations for clothing, the beginning of the era of textile decorations specifically on t-shirts. Today the new technologies have brought the direct digital print on garment, the prints (or transfer) thermo-applicable hot, the sublimation printing, and finally the DTF printing, that is a design transformed into silkscreen printing, which can be heat applied hot. However the screen printing is still very convenient to customize to 1 or 2 colors some items such as T-shirt, polo, shopper, sweatshirts when you have medium-large quantities, starting from 100pcs, or with even more competitive prices from 300/500pcs.

Advantages and disadvantages of screen printing

Advantages of screen printing :

  • is strong with the price when the logo is large to 1 or 2 colors and has high quantities
  • fast in execution
  • indisputable quality
  • lasting
  • light to the touch (especially on light fabric colours)
  • Available on many types of garments and fabrics
  • Ideal for high quantities, from 100-200 pcs upwards
  • Possibility to make large logos

Disadvantages of screen printing :

  • expensive if it has more than 2 colors (quadricromia), because of the cost-works for each color
  • the use of certain screen printing inks is not eco-sustainable
  • always use those to “water but not always give excellent results, depends on the color and fabrics
  • is not suitable for small quantities under 100 pieces.
  • not feasible on certain types of clothing products such as fleece, sponge, some types of vests… etc.

In summary:

You have an item of clothing a shopper, or textile accessory, minimum 100/200 pieces, logo of 1-2 colors , large, made with water-based inks, convenient and cheap!

We offer this printing technique in 1 version:

  • Third parties service, where you provide us with the item of clothing, and we personalize it. Ask for an offer.