The color range of recycled polyester threads is increasing.

Eco-sustainable recycled polyester thread for the circular economy of reusing and reusing materials

Arem has been doing embroidery on clothing for a few years now using 100% recycled polyester GRS yarn made from post-consumer waste. The range of colours initially had few variants as they were all in the production phase, today the range is expanding considerably. A high quality yarn suitable for embroidery with industrial machines, Polyneon Green is proof that we can turn plastic waste into embroidery ‘gold’. Designed to customise workwear and other projects that need to resist wear and tear in a more sustainable way.

  • Made from recycled post-consumer PET bottles;
  • 100% recycled GRS polyester;
  • range of 108 glossy, durable colours (increasing…)
  • same high quality as Polyneon yarn;
  • suitable for all digitised logos and motifs for yarn count 40;
  • free of harmful substances and certified for use on children’s articles;
  • reuses plastic waste, saves resources.

This embroidery thread made from recycled material is a brilliant solution for greener textiles and is part of the transition to a circular economy.

Polyneon Green yarn is made using recycled clear bottles made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET). The process that gives this post-consumer waste a second life as yarn requires many steps.

Polyneon Green Machine Embroidery Threads are made of 100% GRS recycled polyester, certified by ECOCERT Greenlife, license number 240979.

This means that the recycled content is verified by an authorized third party and is traced by the recycler to the final embroidery thread. La conformità al Global Recycled Standard prova che l’origine e la quantità dei materiali riciclati utilizzati da Madeira Garnfabrik per produrre Polyneon Green sono verificati in modo indipendente. Anche l’intera catena di fornitura soddisfa i requisiti ambientali, chimici e sociali del GRS.