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Patch merrow border for truckers and snapback
American merrow border overlock: instructions and use

Arem Italia offer merrow overlock sewing service for textile, the best quality border for patches and Remove Before Flight keychains. […]

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Ricami con cucitura spessorata in rilievo "Overlock"
Patches and embroidery with thickened perimeter in relief 3D

At Arem Italia you will find embroidery with a thicker perimeter in “Overlock” relief,
particularly on patches and on Remove Before Flight key rings. […]

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Etichette gommate in PVC da cucire su vestiti
Patch seam / rubber labels on down jackets & softshell

Customization service for down jackets, softshell jackets with stitching PVC rubber
patches/labels sewn on the sleeve, heart and positions on request. […]

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European sewing service for textile
Woven label sewing service for textile

Arem, the sewing service in Europe for woven labels and patches to sew on textile […]

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