Italy flags

Italian tricolor embroidered flags for clothing and uniforms, applicable by press / iron, available in dozens of sizes and formats, rectangular, scudetto, circular, ready in stock with delivery in 24 / 48H even for thousands of pieces. Only available online. The application service is also provided on request and on estimate.

World flags

World flags for clothing and uniforms, ready to heat-apply or sew on all textiles and accessories. Available for purchase starting from just 1 piece on the shop, available in all countries and continents in 2 sizes, 5 × 3 and 8 × 5 cm. Delivery in 24 / 48H. We also provide the application service with sewing and thermo-application, upon request.

Letters and numbers

Letters and numbers embroidered on felt fabric / felt fabric or on destroyed cotton canvas, the entire alphabet and complete numbering can be purchased from just 1 piece. Products available on stock in different colors and sizes with 24 / 48H delivery can be purchased online here. Or tailor-made creations on a quote.


We manage order processing and fulfillment and we guarantee 100% quality control and privacy. Both our laboratories and the warehouse have a remarkable range of goods to be customized up to several tens of thousands of pieces each month.  Deliveries are always extremely fast both in terms of order management and freight management. For many distributors in central and northern Italy we collect and deliver with our vehicle weekly.

Quality Control

The quality control has always been our strength:  thanks to an expert staff, which controls every phase of the processing and thanks to new technologies we can manage entirely an order and its fulfillment. Since some year Arem check expecially new eco-sustainble fabrics such as organic cotton & polyester recycled, correct size of clothing, new recycled poly-threads, and guarantee perfect personalization.

Customer Service

An expert staff of professionals can support the customer for all issues :  starting from choosing the right type of customization , fast offers, mock-up designs, production management  and aftercare. Choose Arem Italia for your customization service or for your products (Arem Shop) . You can establish a long relationship with competitive prices and good assistance for all your needs, Made in Europe and Made in Italy.

Graphic Design

Why is the graphic design is important ? How to start the order ? 1) We start creating the vector file,  2) we focus on the realization of the mock-up design 3) we send to the customer a preview of his logo/ moke up of  custom clothing.  After customer’s confirm we begin the bulk production. Moreover we manage in total safety and privacy every logo, even those of the most important brands. Dont’ worry, we manage everything !