Who we are


Arem Italia introduces itself with a staff of expert assistants who have gained experience over the years for all textile customizations such as embroidery and printing and special processing on various types of clothing in the promotional market, workwear, sportswear, fashion, wellness and in the heraldic sector for the creation of large-format banners and embroidery .
The staff also provides assistance for offers, technical assistance and advice, starting from the draft logo on clothing with processing simulation, up to the finished garment. The staff takes care of the production in every detail, such as packaging and finishing of beautiful handcrafted banners.
A guarantee for customers who are looking for quality and a reliable service.

Graphic Office

The graphic office creates embroidery digitizings, vector files, graphic drafts.
All logos can be embroidered and printed, they can have the thermo-adhesive and they can be sewn on clothing and accessories.
Advanced graphic software can create any kind of logo. Customers can place orders online at www.aremsmartpunch.it requesting embroidery digitizings or vector files, or they can order by mail with the assistance of our expert graphics.
The embroidery digitizings are precise and perfect for embroidering machines of all types.
In the graphic office our experts managed photos, images and historical drawings for the production of banners and custom medieval ecclesiastical and civic banners too, with superb results.
Furthermore, for all items, at the customer’s request we can send the layout of the product before the production, so that the customer has a complete overview of his order.

Sampling and Research Office

Arem allocates a budget every year in research and innovation to discover and create new customizations for textile clothing especially in the field of sewing and embroidery, of which can benefit the environment, to make the service of personalization faster and more economical.
We test fabrics, yarns, looms and many other factors that can give a greater impulse on the market of these services, for too many years stagnant.
In the last few years, however, Arem has invested in new, technologically advanced machinery and has implemented customization techniques “combined” with laser, high definition, merrow border, often unavailable on the market. Each special personalization is managed by the sampling office that carries out the tests and guarantees the quality of the product to the customer.