Arem Italia since 1979 offersa service of embroidery and customization for clothing and textiles. The experience of the staff and the new generation technologies and machinery guarantee embroidery, prints, quality applications from small to large sizes, always starting from the graphic service with the logo design.
Services are provided for many market sectors, from promotional to sports, from workwear to furniture, from automotive to mechanics, from the institutional sector to the religious, up to the food and aesthetics sectors.

Embroidery Laser 1

Customization Service by means of the laser machine: the embroidery is manufactured with one only application of fabric on the garments and embroidered border around the fabric fixes it.
This technique is mainly used to reproduce big letters directly on the sweatshirt. The type of fabric is chosen by the customer. We can produce any quantity, but this customization is affordable from 50 pcs on.

Embroidery Laser 2

Customization service practically identical to Laser 1: the only difference is that a double fabric is applied on the garment and not only one. The customer has the possibility to choose 2 colors of fabric or even 2 types of different fabrics if desired. The result is more impressive.  We can produce any quantity, but this customization is affordable from 50 pcs on.

Embroidery Laser 3

Customization service with simple stitched embroidery with application of 1 fabric and laser cut on the inside / outside perimeter. It is suitable for all garments from shirts to sweatshirts and vests, guaranteed to all washes. The simple stitching creates an embroidered “outline” and “minimal” , perfect for the fashion industry, but not only. We can produce any quantity, but this customization is affordable from 50 pcs on.

Embroidery Laser 4

Customization service with a special effect and a simple stitched embroidery: the fabric  of the item is cut and “stopped” with a simple stitching; then, another piece is of fabric, often of another color, is stitched under the garment. This typology of personalization is extremely original and feasible almost on every garment. We can produce any quantity, but this customization is affordable from 50 pcs on.

Embroidery Laser 5 – Vintage effect

Customization service with special “vintage-destroyed” fabric effect,  with a simple stitching around the perimeter of the text/logo. Thanks to a special washing treatment, the logo develops a frayed border.
This type of customization is usually chosen for t-shirts and sweatshirt. We can produce any quantity, but this customization is affordable from 50 pcs on.

3D embroidery on hats

Customization service with 3D embroidery with thickened rubber on Snapback caps and Truckers. This type of customization is suitable for hats, in urbanwear and streetwear style. it is done with embroidery machines with special looms, with an insert of a 3mm rubber insert, which creates thickness. Also feasible on clothing, this customization has no minimum order quantities.

Large format embroideries

Customization service with large format embroidery and printing on automatic embroidery machine, standard field of 1.50 x 1.00 meters, which can be increased on the basis of logo or text , even starting from a single piece. It is suitable for many sectors such as automotive, furniture, outdoor events and for special sectors such as heraldic, liturgical, military and public / state with gonfalons, banners and standards.

Embroideries with special stitches

Embroidery service with special stitches, suitable for the fashion market. They are realized through the use of a embroidery software, with which one can create different type of stitch with special features. For the most demanding customers and for those who want exclusive embroidery. This customization can be accomplished on all garments and fabrics. Quotation required with no minimum order quantity.

Quality Control

The quality control has always been our strength:  thanks to an expert staff, which controls every phase of the processing and thanks to innovative technologies, we can manage entirely an order and its fulfillment.


We manage order processing and fulfillment and we guarantee 100% quality control and privacy. Both our laboratories and the warehouse have a remarkable range of goods to be customized up to several tens of thousands of pieces each month.  Deliveries are always extremely fast both in terms of order management and freight management. For many distributors in central and northern Italy we collect and deliver with our vehicle weekly.

Customer Service

An expert staff of professionals  can support the customer for all issues:  starting from choosing the right type of customization , until offers, mock-up designs and aftercare.

Graphic Design

We start creating the vector file, then we focus on the realization of the mock-up design and finally we send to the customer a preview of his logo, before launching the bulk production. Moreover we manage in total safety and privacy every logo, even those of the most important brands.